How to Use Video to Promote Your Music – Talk

Posted: December 26, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Video is massive, and is becoming even bigger with the advent of mobile phones and ever faster and faster internet speeds. Over half of all internet traffic is already on video and video is now the primary way people discover new music.

I already blogged about the importance of making videos earlier, but this time I thought you need to hear this from an expert’s mouth. So I got in Caroline Bottomley, founder and managing director of Radar Music Videos to give a talk before our meet-up. Radar is an online network connecting record labels and independent artists with professional, affordable music video directors worldwide.


Her talk has a question and answer feel to it where she talks to artists in the audience and helps them find what they need to do to get started, how to find a good director for your video, what types of tags to promote your video and more.

Having a video channel even if you haven’t got any actual performance or music videos out there is still very much possible and you should get started on this straight away. In fact I filmed a live video of Blair Chadwick at the open mic later using my iPhone and he published his first video on his channel days later. How easy was that? Very! So take your pens and paper out, make some notes from Caroline’s talk and get your videos and video channel under way right now. I believe in instant action when you are feeling motivated so make sure you do this. And needless to say you can post links to your videos in the comments below 🙂

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