The Best Music Marketing Advice – Ariel Hyatt Free London Seminar

Posted: September 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

Ariel Hyatt in London to deliver the best music marketing training there is, for one night only..

– Ian Clifford from Make it in Music

Ian put this better than anyone else in his tweet. And this advice is totally FREE to be delivered in person in a seminar by Ariel Hyatt herself in London on Tuesday 27th September 2011.

Rock Bands in London will be collaborating with Ariel Hyatt who runs Cyber PR based in New York. Much of the advice that is given out at our meet-up stems from Ariel Hyatt’s blogs, talks and her Sound Advice newsletters and videos.

Ariel has represented over 1500 musicians over 15 years and she is the leading expert in online marketing for musicians. We will be helping her host a meet-up for delegates of her evening seminar and this really is very exciting news for us!

So how can she help you? With the help of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and our all important mailing list my band has sold downloads, we have started selling t-shirts and have had people come down to our gigs.

My band followed her advice, which more recently is available in the form of her two books “Music Success in Nine Weeks” and “Musicians Roadmap to Facebook and Twitter”. Social media really works, and in ways that you never would have thought possible. At the heart of it there is no magic, it is just taking an interest in people and if you do it the right way in the cyber world, your interest in other people and the hard work you put in can really pay off. You will find that you are finally marketing to fans that are intersted in your music, in fact you will actually find who your fans are. Slowly you will see people take an interest in your songs and music related products. My band is still learning all this but everything she said is actually coming true for my band slowly. This stuff really does work!

And Ariel is coming to London to share this knowledge with you in person and she is doing this for no cost to you whatsoever. So register now for the evening talk via this link.

PRS House has limited capacity and you do need to book your place, so that as soon as possible before seats are reserverd. They will go very quickly, so go for it asap! And then join us for the meet-up after the talk.

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