It is all about contacts in the music world. Here’s some we have come up for you painfully and meticulously.

Note: If you want to appear on here; you either have to have attended our meetings or be someone who one of our regular members have recommended direct.

Note 2: There are other contacts like Music bloggers who I am not going to post up here (as they are already overwhelmed with email from people they don’t know). To get these details you will have to turn up to one of our meet-ups. There is no other way.

Contact Me

For absolutely anything to do with Rock Bands in London contact me on atul(dot)rana (at) gmail(dot)com

Promoters – (Score a gig! Contact these guys to play a gig in London)

  • Chaos Theory – Run by one of our regular attendees Kunal, with many different themed nights of specific genres (Metal, Acoustic/Folk/Post-Classical, Jazz, Live Electronic/Experimental). He has a very fair deal to musicians and you can get paid a bit. Themed nights mean likeminded fans and musicians mingle. If your music fits into one of the genres of his night, this is probably the best gig you can do.
  • Wheel Tappers – Run by Mark, he has venues in central London with full backline. He puts on a mixture of bands (often on the same night) at venues in Leicester Square and Goodge Street. If you want to get started with live gigging without the hassle of carrying your own backline this is a good place to start. Don’t expect to get paid though (unless you bring over 30 fans) and you will most likely be mixed with bands from different genres.
  • And So She Thinks – Run by one our regular attendees Francesa, this spreads out the general theme of music to beyond music and to other forms of expression like poetry, music and words.

Cards, T-shirts and Merch for your band

  • Moo Cards – Tiny visiting cards, £13 for 100 of them, absolute bargain
  • Diginate – For stickers and such shiny things
  • Spreadshirts – For T-shirts with your own bandname

Cheap Graphic Design

  • Fiverr – For just $5 you can hire a graphic designer to do a flyer or poster. The results are surprisingly good and for less than £5 a job, there is hardly anything to lose.

Open Mic Nights – (Chilled acoustic places to play live – Free entry)

The open mic scene in London is bustling and it is incredible in it’s variety. Unlike the live gigs scene, entrance to an open mic night is free and some promoters even pay you to perform in the form of food (typically Pizza!).

  • Chord Culture – Run by the fabulous Dana McKeon, Chord Culture is an awesome platform for open mic musicians to showcase their stuff. What I truly like about Dana as a host is that pretty much any musician of any level whatsoever is welcome to play here, and there is absolutely none of the pretentiousness that comes with some of the open mics you see in London
  • Ben James – Runs an open mic every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at The Victoria in Mile End. He is always looking for good featured acts. He records your performances and he can use backing tracks too. There is a strict no amps rule though, you go through the PA. Join the facebook group or contact him direct by clicking on his name.
  • Carl Chamberlain – Actually feeds you for playing at his open mics. Contact him direct on or join the facebook group
  • Find An Open Mic – A website that helps you do precisely what it says, i.e Find an open mic night near you. This is run by one of our regular members Matt Coston.
  • Photographers – (Get some promo or live shots taken)

    • Romina – RAWR Photography – Romina breathes and lives photography, either touring with bands or at small gigs, she is always shooting and truly passionate about what she does. Great to work with and delivers on time.
    • Marcus Maschwitz – All the way from South Africa. Shooting signed bands on tour in London, he loves all sorts of rock bands; tiny to stadium sized.

    Recording Engineers/Studios/Radio Stations

    • Recharged Radio – Justin Wayne show. Justin Wayne organises a Musicians Clinic in Camden and these are very good. He is also a DJ and has his own show
    • Bally Studios – Owns a few studios in London and is one of our regular attendees

    Magazines/Press/Small Labels

    • Clink Music Magazine – Chaos in Sound. Run by a friend of Marcus, photo dude and regular attendee of our meetings
    • – Run by Gerard, one of our most regular members. Independent artists lobby for improvements in the way we are treated by large online retailers


    • Hear Wave Technology Mention this group to Hear Wave Technology when you are about to make an order to get a discount
    1. hello friend, I am writing from Argentina, Buenos Aires. I
      have a group of rock and blues picodélico … We would like
      intercabiar material, maybe someday we can travel to your country.
      Big hug and that is Rock. Juanjo Harervack (RIKI RIKI TAVE Y LA

    2. Gemma says:

      I’d like to join the “meet-up mailing list” please



    3. MAJIATSEMEI says:


    4. Frank says: USA…need to tour England for 2 weeks!!! what do you reccomend???

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