Watch All the Other Bands at Your Gig

Posted: June 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

I played a gig last weekend with my band. I stayed the whole night at the venue, from soundcheck to the very last band and the bar being cleared out.

But it struck me that that some of the musicians themselves there didn’t actually see the other bands. Why? And how can this be? Shouldn’t you support other bands who are actually in exactly the same boat as you are and need as many people there to create a good vibe and atmosphere?

Sadly, this wasn’t the case and I have seen this happen a few times. The worse sin is when bands play their own set and then head off home! Needless to say that as an unsigned musician, you should go to other unsigned gigs and if you can’t do that than at the very least you should support the other bands who are playing on the same bill as you.

Admittedly this requires going out of your way and sacrificing the opportunity to talk to your own friends at a separate part of the bar. Or making it a long night for you or having a very quick dinner so that you can watch the first band. Sure, on some occasions you do have to go home early and for good reason. And let’s face it, the London scene is such a mish-mash that you don’t know the other bands playing on the same night anyway. As you don’t have any emotional connection with the other bands you have no real reason to stay. But you should overcome that and make an effort to stay.

So if you don’t stay the whole night to support bands, and don’t really have anything else urgent to attend then make sure you stay and support other bands. They will support you too. It is as simple as that.

  1. Sparrow says:

    Totally! Going to gigs and enjoying other bands is an important part of being a performing musician.

    • Erol Hassan says:

      I work for Usay Festival which is a new festival for unsigned bands, we also have a Youtube channel named Usay Tv to help give a platform to UK bands. We’ve just recorded Cable 35 in the LimeHouse studios and we’re going to be recording in Bonafide in Muswell Hill from now on.

      If anyone wants to get involved let us know all studio time is paid for by us.

      This is the link for Cable 35 any comments is much appreciated!

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