Eighty percent of success is showing up

– Woody Allen

Woody Allen was right. The more people you meet the more the doors open for you.

Meet-Up – Monday 18 November 2013

From 7:00pm onwards

The Comedy Pub
7 Oxendon Street
Piccadilly Circus
London SW1Y 4EE

Meet-Up Mailing List

If you can’t make any of these meet-ups but are interested in coming to one join the meet up mailing list by emailing me on atul(dot)rana(at)gmail(dot)com If you haven’t attended a meeting within 3 months you will be removed from the mailing list, as the list is only for regular attendees and active contributors to our community.

  1. hi i am not local infact i live in australia…
    i saw your ad on gumtree and i agree…

    i live in an area of 66,000 sqkms ……yes the size of scotland and there are no musicians…

    you are lucky london to paris in a couple of hours…me it takes 5 hours just to get to the city

    i troll websites looking for musos and get well…

    i want to work but it is impossible….so buck u old things…help is around if you think outside the box…cheers and solidarity…

    please help me and i can help you…

    mazy kornfield is here

  2. Emma says:

    Hi there!

    I have only just found your site and how happy I am about it!

    I’m a little gutted I didn’t know about the meet up yesterday but you can 100% count me in for the next one. I’ve been gagging to meet other musicians in rock bands for ages!

    Thanks for taking the initiative to start this up. I’m sure I’m not the only one who appreciates it


  3. Inkysmudge says:


    And there I was thinking we all suffered in silence. I’m actually rehearsing this weekend so can’t make the meetup which I think is a great idea. Please tell me August’s will NOT be on 15th as we’re up in Edinburgh playing, as I’d like to come along.

    I’ll find your facebook and add that to keep tabs.


  4. Atul Rana says:

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for all the comments. Yes the meeting is still going ahead…and I will reply to you individually if I must to get you down there eventually 🙂

  5. Inkysmudge says:

    Hey Atul,

    7th Aug, great. Is there a downstairs? I think I played there once. See you on Sat 🙂

  6. Atul Rana says:

    Hey man, it is actually upstairs on the ground floor where the pub is. Downstairs is closed in the daytime. I agree…it is a cracking venue 🙂 See you Sat and I will email you with my phone number etc in case you get lost or something.

  7. Mason says:

    Great idea guys – just heard about what you are doing and really sorry to hear that Ill be out of town when you are doing your next meet up!

    Would be great to hear how the meet up goes and I hope to be able to make it to the next one.

  8. Atul Rana says:

    Definitely, just turn up whenever you can Mason (and everyone else too!)

  9. yogan says:

    hi found this on gumtree
    we r looking 4 gigs that pay or lead somewhere positive cause we gota sustain ourselves!
    it aint easy in this present economic climate andim sick of parasite promoters. we r even willing 2do covers [function gigs doing classic/funk] even though we r an original band

    • Atul Rana says:

      Hi Yogan, you will find that most promoters in London are in the same position as you! Very little money coming in and many people want the money! But it is definately possible to have a side band that raises money via corporate and wedding gigs. Christmas is a great time for that too. Come along to our meet up and see us guys for real!

  10. Matt Coston says:

    Hi Atul,

    Saw your ad on Gumtree and I think I can be of some help to you (and vice-versa). I have a website called It is a free social network for people to find and promote open mic events across the UK.

    I would love to come to your next meet-up to have a chat about your plans and hopefully do a bit of networking.

    When/where is your next meet-up?



  11. DreadLock says:

    Hey all

    If any1 looking for cheap audio technician plz contact me


  12. amphibic says:

    where’s me invite? :-)) neal

  13. Hi we are not local but we wanna share our music, see you.

  14. Greg says:

    I’d love to come someday but for now I’m stuck with Achilles tendon rupture so I’m out for a while. Which only means that I have more time for practise 🙂

  15. Just discovered this site and I can’t believe how useful it has been. From reading these articles and watching the videos up on here I have learnt alot that can help my band in are in a similar situation to most on here being based in London.

  16. Jono says:

    hey, Im part of band that are currently aged below 18 so I was wondering if that makes it impossible for us to perform at the pub events your organising?


  17. Chris says:

    What about under 18’s rockers – any venues for them?

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