Flip the Script – Think Positive

Posted: January 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

I have been doing these meet-ups for about a year and I am hearing a lot of complaints, namely

  • I can’t find bandmates because everyone is a timewaster
  • My band can’t get anywhere because of the scene in London
  • I can’t get enough of my friends to come to gigs, no one wants to go out
  • There is no money in the music business

And loads of others. And to be honest I have exactly the same problems. How do I deal with all of this?

I flip the script the other way round, my pint glass is definately half full. Looking from that perspective what I see is:

  • The scene in London is great. It is virtually the live music capital of Europe!
  • There are thousands of musicians gigging in London daily, some want to change bands and join better ones and lots want to just get started
  • There are loads of music lovers, addicted to live music (you and me infact!). They would love to come out and hear you if you find them
  • There’s loads of money in the music business (we spend money on CDs, band merch, expensive festivals and gigs).

Given that it’s the new year I want you to think the other way round for all of January…I call it flipping the script! This will make you think more positive and each roadblock you see will appear as precisely that, a roadblock that can be overcome. All bands and musicians face these challenges, it is the ones that can persistently let the positive cut out the negative that succeed (whichever way you decide to define your own success!).

And if you just can’t do it, i.e flip the script, then come along to one of our meet-ups and we’ll sort you out 🙂

  1. Michelle says:

    Great positive post !!

  2. Atul Rana says:

    Thanks Michelle, I always love your comments and contribution!

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