There’s more to being in a band than being in a band

Ahhh London, that huge, inhuman, impersonal place where rock ‘n roll dreams come true. Where to begin in this manic, chaotic mass of people and places?

Rock Bands in London is a place for London based bands and those who can help us (promoters/photographers/video makers/web developers/etc). London has a fiercely competitive music scene. Many of the rules that apply to live gigging in the rest of the country (or world even) don’t apply here.

There are loads of blogs and groups on how to market as a musician but none of these seemed to have any real life experience by actual people in bands! And there was absolutely no information on the London scene. So after playing and managing my band DonkeyBox for 10 years in London, I took up the gauntlet and started Rock Bands in London as a Facebook group. The group on it’s own was useless so I then set up a meeting forum where musicians meet twice a month. As this group expands we can offer promotion and marketing advice from musicians who have actually been there, and form a mastermind of committed and active musicians in London.

The idea is simple. Musicians in London get together, discuss the challenges we are facing and then help each other out.

Atul Rana from Donkey BoxI am Atul Rana and you can contact me via any of these channels:

  1. Allan says:

    Nice blog! and good luck with it…

    Just wondered if you have any ideas on where a band can hore transport for an evening. We have to get from our various homes around the East End, plus our kit, to a venue in Islington next week. Surely there must be a way of hiring a pickup van + a driver at reasonable cost?

    Any ideas very gratefull received.


  2. Atul Rana says:

    Hi Allan, thanks for reading the blog. There are loads of man and van operations out there. Just throw man and van into google and you’ll find some competitive quotes.

    If you are gigging in London, I would recommend gigging at a place which has full backline so you don’t need to carry all that stuff around!

  3. Luke says:

    Hey. Very nice blog. Just one question:
    are there any stoner rock or doom-metal bands in London?
    (kyuss, Fu Manchu -influenced?)

  4. Al says:

    Hey Atul! Love what you’ve done here. I’ve been out of action for a while and as you know some of the ED boys have been busy kicking off married life again. We’ve started rehearsing again and looking to lay down ten new tracks in the Autumn / Winter and do some gigs.

    It’s been a while since we gigged – i think the last one was a charity do in town last year. Anyway, just wondering what the deal is with The Comedy and wondering if you can recommend a couple of good places. Now lots of people have left london, it’s going to be tricky to get the larger crowds we used to be able to get from IC. Any ideas?

  5. Al says:

    And yes, you can call it an Ember Daze comeback!

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