The Power of Internet Video

Posted: January 20, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Did you know that after Google and Facebook, Youtube is the most visited site in the world? Video on the internet is now bigger than ever and it will continue to grow as broadband gets faster around the world.

This means massive opportunity for you and your band! While in 2006 it was all about MySpace, now it clearly has to be all about Youtube.

Even people looking for audio go to Youtube as there’s loads of songs that have lyrics scrolling while the audio plays. Video gives so much more life and visibility to you, people get to see exactly what you look like, how you perform and not only that but with a little bit of editing and twist you can do some funny and entertaining stuff that friends can send around to each other.

And the best thing about video is that..

You can film anywhere, any time with the band, just with your plain old mobile phone camera!

That is how I started it off; I realised the resolution quality of the video was no where near important as what was being filmed.

So what can you film? Besides the obvious music video of your song, there’s so much more you can use video to communicate with your fans and friends.

You can use it for:

  • Live performances (just get a friend to film a few songs)
  • Backstage banter at live gigs
  • Behind the scenes at recording
  • Practice room banter (An insight into your rehearsal room world!)
  • New riff ideas (I find recording on video with mobile phone easier than recording audio)

and probably loads more! Just steal ideas from other bands’ video channels 🙂

So get on the case, start up your own video channel. Youtube and Viddler are popular. Start uploading lo-fi stuff filmed on your mobile phone and share it with friends and fans. I used mobile phone videos for a year before I bought a small video camera.

Or even better is to take your digital photo camera and use it instead to film a short 5 mins video clip. The quality on digital cameras for recording videos is really good now.

And when you are more ready for music videos, you can get in touch with Radar Videos, they will connect you to video producers who can make your music video for you for as cheap as £100, how cool is that!

I leave you with a short video clip of my band live at a gig in 2008, just a bit of guitar widdle filmed by a friend at a gig live, dead easy for you to do and upload too.

If you have videos already, we’d love to see them here! Just post your link on the comments further down and the video should appear automatically.

  1. La Liga says:

    Dope article! La Liga from L.A. about to have the game on smash. One love.

  2. Phil says:

    Great blog. Interesting thoughts. Simple and obvious… Always the best sort

  3. Atul Rana says:

    Thanks for the comments guys. I got a message on Facebook on flip cameras, they are just perfect for this type of stuff!

  4. Great article as always Atul. I don’t have a personal video because I am not in a band but one of my favourites bands I work with is Zebra and Giraffe and they just brought out a new video which was shot while I was on tour with them.

  5. Atul Rana says:

    Great song Marcus by the Zebras; would be cool to see some photographers’ videos too. Behind the scenes and all that.

    Here’s Crap Day too. Produced by a friend of ours, shot in less than two hours..

  6. The Stags says:

    Shot from a macbook webcam at the singer’s house! check our other video!
    Enjoy 🙂

  7. […] already blogged about the importance of making videos earlier, but this time I thought you need to hear this from an expert’s mouth. So I got in […]

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