A brand new event – Our first ever gig

Posted: October 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Rock Bands in London started off as an idea. The idea was simple, musicians help each other out. The more experienced help out the less experienced and the less experienced pick themselves up to the extent that they can help each other out and then contribute to the more experienced.

We first started off as a Facebook group, then grew into this regular blog that looks at the marketing angle of music, then the next big step was to meet you for real. When we went real the regular meet-ups were set up. Things really progressed after the meet-ups and we now have enough committed regulars and doers in this group to add yet another level to what we do. And that can only be one thing given the number of musicians involved.

A Rock Bands in London promoted gig!

The first gig that we will be involved with will be the Save The Children charity gig organised by one of our regular meet-up acts “Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate”. It will be on 5 January 2012 and will feature a mixture of acts, ranging from solo artists to full bands.

So keep that date in the old diary for now.

Not only that but we are planning some other gigs and jam nights next year. This will feature members who turn up to our meet-ups. We are really looking forward to this new phase in the evolution of this group and it will be great news for you 🙂

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