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I am glad to say that Rock Bands in London is evolving as a movement for musicians in London. Our central idea is still that real life and face to face interactions trump most digital interactions. Getting out there and meeting people for real will always rock more than anything else. The real world is the only place where true connection can be made.

Keeping that in mind, our meet-ups now have an extra dimension to them. We now have a guest speaker, usually an industry expert. The last meet-up featured a really useful talk by a London promoter, and this month we are having a talk from someone who works with many musicians and music video directors.

Not only that but as musicians we all love showcasing our stuff live. And so we are now collaborating with Ben James and his usual open mic night at the Star of Kings Pub where all our musicians can perform as well. So we have a meet-up, a talk and an open mic night. All rolled into one as a special event.

And Ben is one of the very few promoters out there who actually feeds pizza to every musician who plays at his open mic night. Yes, you heard it right, not only do you get valuable free information, a chance to network with other musicians…but you get paid in food for it all too! I for one am really looking forward to this next phase of our meet-ups.