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Did you know that you could sell your music right now on the world’s biggest music store?

  • You don’t need to be signed (what does that mean anyway?)
  • You don’t even need a very polished set of recordings
  • You don’t need expensive marketing campaigns

Doing all this for an unsigned band was unimaginable just a while ago, but now the world’s biggest music stores are there for you. The only thing stopping from selling that music….is well….YOU!

I overcame that mental block a couple of years ago and decided to experiment with iTunes. And lo and behold, I started selling a 4 track EP! Never mind the tiny money it made, that feeling of our music having value was (and still is) really cool.

You can start selling on there by submitting your music to a distributor. I would recommend CD Baby. They distribute your music to iTunes, Amazon, Napster and loads of other digital outlets.

Not only that you get to keep 91% of the sales revenue. Imagine that!

But the biggest thing for me was learning the whole process of how to sell something online. I learnt

  • How to package the music into an EP
  • How to get CD artwork and album artwork sorted
  • How to build value for your music

Don’t worry, you don’t need to have that perfect recording either. Worst case scenario: You can get a live album sorted of your tracks and sell those instead.

If you’ve already got studio recordings then you really MUST be selling your music too. Right now, right here!

Not selling your music shows that you are not confident with it or business savvy. So get on the case immediately..just experiment with a bunch of live tracks. Understand marketing and sales and start making the transition into becoming a business too.

I believe in instant action so start planning the process as soon as you read this, which is to check CD Baby’s guide on how to get started.


Welcome to the very first blog post ever by Rock Bands in London. Exciting news indeed that we now have a regular blog outside of Facebook now.

What better place to start off than Derek Sivers’ great FREE e-book on music marketing. If you want free than this is the bible that you need to adhere to as a musician.

In a quick light-hearted read, you will learn:

  • how to call attention to your music
  • how to get in Rolling Stone or play the biggest club in town
  • why persistence is polite
  • how to sell an average of 5 CDs per order
  • why marketing costs nothing
  • how two curious words can turn your career around
  • the biggest mistake most musicians make

Get this book, NOW!

FREE e-book

And do yourself a HUGE favour.

Start implementing just one thing from the book as soon as you start reading it immediately.