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Posted: April 1, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Do you have an email newsletter mailing list? Or are you sending emails to everyone using the bcc: method?

If your answers were no and yes, then this is not good news my friend. Setting up an email newsletter should then be your number 1 priority in the world of electronic marketing. Not your website, facebook, myspace, twitter etc., but a dedicated email service run on a proper software platform, no matter how small your mailing list actually is.

You know the friend who only calls you up when they need something from you? Annoying isn’t it? If you only email your fans just before a gig then you are that person! And that’s not cool man.

The reason you need a newsletter mailing list instead of just a mailing list is that you need to connect with your fans and friends on a regular and consistent basis. You need to be in their hearts and minds and keep in touch. A proper mailing list platform helps you do that much more precisely than using bcc: on your email client. My band hasn’t gigged for 6 months yet I have been sending newsletters out at least once a month. In fact I split my band’s mailing list people into two types. “Fans” and “Friends”. Fans are into music, into what we as a band are doing. Friends are more like well wishers. Indeed if you look at the proper marketing funnel there are even more levels of fans. But for starters these two levels are good for what we are doing as a band at the moment.

So once you have a newsletter set up and have decided to send it on a certain date in the month you are committed to producing a nice email with updates on what you are up to in general. If you run out of ideas then just mention a story from your band or about someone. But definately be regular and consistent in your mail outs. And when the big gig comes…well, you’ve been in touch all that time so it will be so much easier to ask your fans to come to one.

The reason you need a dedicated software platform like FanBridge, Bandletter or Mailchimp is that these services personalise emails with your fan’s first name in the main body of the email, how cool is that! They also help you write HTML emails which are rich in photos and colours. Meaning your newsletter looks snazzy and professional. And more importantly they give your fans the options to opt out of your mailing list with just a single click. This is important as people need to be comfortable in opting out of your mailing list. And they can’t do that by telling you directly (your feeling will be hurt after all).

The subject of email marketing is a HUGE one and it is best to hear the experts on this. Infact the world’s best marketers are also the world’s best writers so it will take you a while to learn the art of newsletter writing, but you must make a start at this first. If you want more information start from this classic piece of writing from Ariel Hyatt of Cyper PR.

What successful Internet marketers know and what musician marketers don’t

So for god’s sake stop using bcc: or cc: on your email clients for this, go over to FanBridge, which is the platform my band uses and have a play with it. It is free as well for small mailing lists, total bonus!


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