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Posted: February 13, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Open mic nights are about solo singer/songwriters types and them doing their thing right? So what is a post about an open mic night doing in a rock bands forum?

Sure, there are lots of people who just play and sing on the piano or guitar and it does seem like open mic nights are for the solo type…but actually it’s way more than that. I’ve only recently discovered the open mic night scene in London and found the nights to be quite refreshing. It is a great way to practice performance in a more chilled out setting where you can hear people talk amongst the music. It’s almost going to the 90s and doing things MTV Unplugged style 🙂

Open Mic Night

Open Mic

For me I decided to work from the inside out, i.e sort myself out as a singer/guitarist and go on stage and use that developed confidence for when I actually go on stage with the full band. And I have to say it has worked pretty well.

And then the big on earth do I compress an entire band into one guitar and voice?

This is not as hard as it seems. As a singer it is pretty likely that your songs first started out on just one guitar anyway, so you can take that song back down to its roots. And it is possible to get quite a nice chunky sound with two guitars, or one guitar and bass. Or indeed guitars, bass, percussion (not drums, but tambourine/congas/whatever). Going to an open mic will make you think outside the box and give a new life to your songs that you never thought that existed. It also gives you a number of choices in which band mates you can go with. You can go full band or two of you, or even the singer. This in the nightmare perspective of managing band diaries and calenders opens up a hell of a lot of options!

The best part is that as the open mic night scene is more chilled and you can actually hear people talk, you will meet more like minded people, including those who do infact like LOUD rock music. The open mic night at pubs tend to have a regular bunch of people who go, so provided you go regular enough you will make more friends.

Compare this to the “bring an audience” gig scene operated in London and there is quite a lot of difference that is refreshing.

  • Open Mic Nights are Free entry, some even pay you in food!
  • The promoters are in it for the music, no money involved
  • Regulars go to open mic nights; not just a random collection of bands on your typical band night that you will never meet again
  • There are loads more open mic nights running in London than band nights

So what are you waiting for! Turn up to an open mic night near you. One of our regulars Matt Coston has dedicated a lot of time and effort into letting you do exactly that, i.e find an open mic night near you.

Click on his site link below and get out there now!

Find An Open Mic Night


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