How to use Twitter for your band

Posted: January 13, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Yes, twitter is all over the news and almost everyone seems to be tweeting. For those who have tried dabbled in just a bit or only heard of it, it seems almost dumb to just post a 140 character status update. And doing just that would be pretty dumb actually! But twitter is a lot more than that. So you also use @ replies, well actually that is still not enough.

So, how to use twitter exactly for your band?

I was thinking of writing a blog post on this but the answer is given in some great detail by Ian on his Make it in Music website. He has the best guide to using twitter that I have found on the web (and I’ve been using twitter since 2008).

In his guide he addresses:

  • Why as a band you need not one but at least two twitter accounts
  • How to follow the right people and how to find them?
  • Why tweeting about yourself too much will actually damage your following
  • How to use twitter with photos and videos
  • How to use twitter lists

Check it out here

It is a very long guide being in 6 parts, so I would suggest printing it out and reading it slowly. Also, like most guides it is not meant for just for reading and feeling good about it all, it is a manual of implementation. So be an action taker and do something small immediately after reading the guide for the first time and then build up from there.

Oh, and plug your twitter name here on the comments section by all means.

I am Atul @atulrana
DonkeyBox (my band) @donkeybox

  1. Atul – thanks so much for this.

    I still haven’t finished it – soooo busy – but intend to this weekend!

    It’s now going to expand to 6 parts!

    Thanks again.


    • Atul Rana says:

      No probs Ian, I have enough to implement from the first 4 parts already! But really looking forward to the full guide when you are done with it.

  2. Hello there! Thanx 4 the helpful tips in ur blog! Check out my music- would be great to hear back from you! Peace! Hoda

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