Meet Three New People Every Week

Posted: February 24, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Look at the CD inlays and band thank yous. These lists are long, really long sometimes. These are truly really passionate people who must have played a HUGE part in that particular band’s journey to success.

Where and how do you meet these people?

In Derek Sivers’ awesome awesome guide on Music Marketing he mentions how you need to meet at least 3 people every week in the music business (not just burnt out guitarists – and I’ve met a few of those already!).

Three new people a week that can help you directly with your music business will quickly multiply to 150 in *just* one year and 300 people in two.

This sounds promising but how do you achieve this in practice? As always I wish I had the full answers to this but here’s what I found sort of works.

First and foremost it comes from the mindset of being unselfish and genuine, giving more than you get (i.e help out someone sincerely) and to be interested in other people.

Keeping that in mind..

Go to other small band gigs, friends or friends of friends gigs. I find that it is much easier to meet musicians and music related people when I myself and am not playing a gig that night. When I am playing a gig I am way too stressed to look after too many other people to actually relax and chat randomly about music. But when I am at a friend’s gig I am a bit more chilled and more likely to make connections.

Go to networking meetings. A no brainer this one, I had no idea where else to meet people so I started this group for London, this is your chance to get involved 🙂 Don’t only go to musicians networking, go to photography meet-ups, film makers, fashion etc., The possibilities are endless.

Hit up some jam nights/open mic nights. There are hundreds of musicians performing and drinking somewhere in London every night of the week. They go on stage, get nervous first, do their 10mins and then go and drink with the rest of the musicians out on the night. This is just an amazing way of meeting new musicians who actually go out and do stuff (not the burnt out guitarist sitting at home).

Well this will get you started. A band is a huge team of passionate people who believe in your band’s cause, which is why they appear on the CD credits. Good luck with finding your team.

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